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With passion for hospitality and dedication to innovation, we are committed to excellence in service and guest satisfaction. We are your partner in technology, energy management and smartbuilding.

Nexus Hospitality is the platform for hotels that want to work smarter and more sustainably. We offer hoteliers efficient internet and TV solutions, as well as sensor technology. Our sensor technology is particularly focused on comfort and sustainability.

How can your hotel save energy, switch to sustainable energy, and save costs? To answer these questions, we developed Nexus Reset. With this twelve-month business reset, we transform your hotel into an energy-efficient, sustainable enterprise.

Transform your hotel into a smart hotel! Implementing intelligent thermostats, various sensors (e.g. motion, window) and interfacing them with your current PMS, POS or SOS will enable you to have more control, uplift your revenue stream and contribute to your ESG mission.

Nexus Hospitality is proud partner of Hoteza for the Benelux!


Hoteza is the most intuitive and flexible connectivity, information and entertainment platform on the market today. This platform provides hotels with the full suite of integrated tools, products and services to help improve and enhance the guest journey and guest experience  before, during and after their stay. Anyting for your guests Рall in one place!



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With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we can provide advice and support to hoteliers in a variety of areas. We assist hoteliers in finding the best technological solutions for comfort and sustainability. How can you save energy or transition to sustainable energy, while also saving costs? How can you use technology to make your guests’ stays as comfortable as possible? You can find the answers to these questions with us.

Connection through data


The word Nexus originates from Latin and means creating links or connections. This is exactly what we at Nexus do. Our focus is on supporting hotels to identify the best technological options available. We have merged this expertise with intelligent technology solutions, predominantly in the areas of comfort and sustainability. By interconnecting these solutions, we can achieve substantial advantages.



Fast and reliable internet and modern TV services are vital for hotels. Guests are increasingly requesting other technological solutions to make their stay as comfortable as possible. We have therefore also specialized in sensor technology in the areas of comfort and sustainability. Naturally, as a hotelier, you also benefit from these advantages.

Everything in life revolves around the right connections. With this platform, Nexus Hospitality establishes the link between the hotelier and the best suppliers in this dynamic industry. Through a combination of sustainability, comfort, savings, and efficiency, we have developed a unique concept for the hospitality industry. With Nexus Reset, we can transform hotels into sustainable enterprises based on data. With Nexus Smart Hotel, we can provide every hotel with the right solutions that contribute to this goal.

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We assist hotels in improving their positioning and serving their guests to satisfaction. As a trusted advisor, we guide hotels in finding and applying the best solutions in technology, comfort, and sustainability.