Can your hotel save energy, switch to sustainable energy, and reduce costs? To answer these questions, we have developed Nexus Reset. With this 12-month business reset, we will transform your hotel into an energy-efficient, sustainable enterprise.

Data forms the foundation of our sustainable business strategy. With Nexus Reset, you gain detailed insight into the energy consumption of your hotel. By collecting and analyzing data, we can make the right decisions and choose the appropriate solutions to save energy and potentially generate it ourselves.

Collecting data

We use highly accurate measuring equipment, which is very easy to install without needing to intrude on your existing network. The measurements provide detailed information about your power network, such as the load and the quality of the energy used and generated. We even measure at the level of individual devices, such as a television or your lighting system. After one month, we have gathered enough data to provide you with a basic report. This report shows where there is room for improvement, how your current costs are built up, and where potential future problems or even dangerous situations could arise.

To gain a more detailed understanding of the energy cycle of your hotel and to connect all the points together, one of our energy consultants will then visit your hotel. This will give us a complete picture of your hotel network, facilities, and business processes. We know exactly what is being used, where and when, by which consumer or installation, and during which business process.


After thoroughly analyzing your situation, we can choose the right solutions to help transform your hotel into a sustainable, cost-effective, and future-proof establishment. This includes solutions for energy generation, storage, and management, such as energy-efficient products, thermostat automation, and smart battery storage. Additionally, connecting devices can lead to more energy-efficient operations.
You can access a report that summarizes our findings and provides accurate, reliable data. This will assist you in making well-informed decisions. The next phase of the Nexus Reset project involves implementing our solutions to help you save energy in the short and long term. We’re delighted to assist your company in making decisions, which includes planning the implementation of the solutions you choose and leading their realization. We’ll keep track of the execution process, delivering regular updates on its status, including timelines. We’ll also conduct routine quality checks.

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