Nexus Hospitality is the go-to platform for hotels looking to operate smarter and more sustainably. We provide hoteliers with smart solutions for internet and TV, as well as sensor technology. Our sensor technology is especially focused on enhancing comfort and sustainability.

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we can advise and support hoteliers in various areas. As every hotel is different, we provide tailor-made solutions, keeping your needs and preferences in mind. What challenges are you facing? What do you require? Based on this, we offer personalized advice and work with reputable suppliers to find the best solutions. Our focus lies particularly on sustainability and comfort.


As a hotelier, practicing sustainable entrepreneurship involves managing energy consumption by investing in green energy and monitoring energy usage levels. Doing this not only saves money on energy bills, but also boosts your brand image. Here at our company, we prioritize sustainability by providing energy-efficient products and transitioning to sustainable energy. We can help you store green power in smart batteries and monitor energy consumption through data analysis. Informed decisions can then be made to select the best energy-saving solutions for your hotel. LG Styler is one of our energy-efficient product offerings.


Fast and reliable internet and modern TV services are essential for hotels. Guests are also increasingly asking for other technological solutions to make their stay as comfortable as possible. With our smart sensors, you can automate and monitor various processes in and around your hotel. In other words, we create a smart hotel. We provide some examples of what is possible. Of course, you can automate the operation of window coverings and lighting. In addition, we offer electronic locks, which also make it possible to monitor whether someone is in a room, so that cleaning can knock at the right time. Rail lighting can also automatically turn on when a guest walks to the bathroom at night.


The Latin word “Nexus” means to make a connection, which is exactly what we do with our platform: Nexus Hospitality. With this platform, it’s possible to connect our technological solutions to our comfort and sustainability products. Thanks to our platform, hoteliers can find and connect the right products and services in one environment. Whether you’re interested in the latest TV technology, improving your Wi-Fi network, monitoring your energy consumption, making your hotel fully smart, or just interested in home automation, with the Nexus Hospitality platform, you can choose which products and services you want to apply.

Our approach

Everything we do is aimed at improving the position of hotels and serving their guests to the fullest satisfaction. As a trusted partner, we guide hotels in finding the best solutions in technology, comfort, and sustainability. Based on our knowledge and expertise, we ensure that the hotels and desired solutions are aligned to create maximum benefit. We are happy to assist you in discovering how to become more sustainable, increase customer comfort, work smarter and more efficiently, and ultimately save you money.

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