Transform your hotel into a smart hotel. With smart solutions, you can streamline and even automate the management of your hotel. This means you can work smarter and more efficiently. Smart solutions to improve service to your guests.

Guests expect hotels to increasingly utilize modern technology. Therefore, there is a lot to gain by making your hotel smarter, both for you as a hotelier and for your guests. We offer various smart devices and solutions that can be connected in one user-friendly environment. We are happy to list the benefits for you.

The benefits

A smart hotel is an energy-efficient hotel, thanks to automation. For instance, the heating can be set to automatically maintain a lower temperature when there are no guests, and the radiators can be turned off once that temperature is reached. Additionally, the energy consumption of appliances can be closely monitored, managed flexibly and even made more energy-efficient.
A smart hotel is a personalized hotel. TVs can be remotely set to address guests by name. Guests can adjust the lighting, window treatments, and sound system in their rooms to their liking from a central control point. They can even access information about restaurant availability through this point. You can connect this service to your reservation system so that your guests always have the most up-to-date information.
A smart hotel is an efficient hotel. Smart solutions collect data, which allows you to make better-informed decisions. Data-driven decision making is the process of making decisions based on factual data rather than just intuition or observation. It is no wonder that “measurement is knowledge” is such a well-known expression. As a hotelier, when you can unlock the full value of data, you can make better decisions every day that help you achieve your desires and goals.

Comfort for your guests

Fast and reliable internet and modern TV services are essential for hotels. Guests are also increasingly demanding other technological solutions that make their stay as enjoyable as possible. This includes home automation, which involves automating electrical devices. Your guests can adjust the temperature and turn off the lighting remotely. Thanks to our electronic locks, they can also use their smartphones to open the door to their room.
Security equipment such as motion sensors can also be used in a smart hotel. This includes alert notifications that are sent directly to a technical or emergency service. Examples include rail lighting that automatically turns on when a guest walks to the bathroom at night, or sensors that detect if someone is in a room so that cleaning staff can knock at the appropriate time.
Finally, we mention the LG Styler, which offers a smart dry-cleaning service. With the LG Styler, you can achieve a significant reduction in operational dry-cleaning costs. Additionally, you also save time because the clothing doesn’t have to leave your hotel. This allows you to offer your guests a faster and better 24/7 service. The LG Styler can be used to clean clothing, stuffed animals, pillows, and other textiles. Everything comes out guaranteed clean, steamed, and fresh.

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