At 3Bplus, we offer the best solutions for all your telecommunication, TV content, and smart technology needs. Our focus is on solving customer needs and problems by using technology, processes and by bridging the gap between the customer and service providers – both in terms of infrastructure and services. As an innovative company, we specialize in future-proof technology and work closely with specialized partners to deliver cutting edge solutions.

Watt Logistics

Sustainable housing and business properties are a hot topic today. Currently, over 75% of Dutch people are interested in green energy, both in the consumer and business markets. This is partly due to skyrocketing gas prices and hefty energy bills. However, how do you make your property more sustainable? Where do you start? And what do these solutions cost? And, more importantly, what do they yield in the long run? To answer all of these questions, Watt Logistics can advise you on the product that best suits you or your business. In addition to the advisory role that Watt Logistics has, we also provide a complete solution for consumers, SMEs and large corporate customers for Energy Monitoring, Energy Storage and Energy Distribution.

LG Electronics

The all-in-one solution for you and your guests. As a hotelier, you want your guests to have all the conveniences and a worry-free experience, and of course, that goes for you too. That’s why LG Business Solutions offers interactive hotel televisions, energy-saving climate systems, and solar panels. These can be used separately, but when you choose one integrated solution, you’ll be fully prepared for the future. All devices can be connected to each other for efficient and sustainable operation.

LG Styler

With this unique product, you can significantly reduce your operational dry-cleaning costs. Additionally, you’ll save time because your hotel’s clothing won’t need to leave. This provides your guests (and staff) with faster and better 24/7 service. Clothing, stuffed animals, pillows and other textiles can be used by the Styler. Everything is guaranteed to come out clean, steamed, and fresh! The LG Styler stands for sustainability and innovation. Your guests’ and staff’s clothing no longer needs to leave your hotel – you can take care of it yourself with the LG Styler. There’s no use of chemicals, no unnecessary high costs, and no loss of time. This results in better and faster service for your guests!


Zakelijk TV Interactief is a TV subscription for business service providers. The basic package includes 50+ popular TV and radio channels, interactive viewing is standard, and your customer can easily and quickly create their own channel or company page. This service combines interactive TV watching with displaying business information. This way, guests, visitors, and employees get a perfect entertainment experience while also being optimally provided for their information needs. Give your customers a perfect TV experience and add Interactive television to your service portfolio quickly.


Sonos’ wireless speakers bring every room and everyone together with fantastic sound for music, TV, and more. With Sonos, you can easily play what you love – music, podcasts, movies, shows, audiobooks, radio, and more – and share it all with the ones you love.


Dyson is a global technology company that was founded in 1987 by British inventor James Dyson. From the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner to hand dryers that use high-speed air to scrape water off hands, to a completely redesigned hair dryer with the motor in the handle; we are relentless about designing better solutions. Dyson spends more than 7 million euros per week on research.

With innovative products such as hair dryers, cordless vacuums, hand dryers, and air purifiers, Dyson is the ideal partner to bring innovation to your hotel.

Today’s Specials

Today’s Specials is a creative communications agency based in Rotterdam. Their team of creatives work daily to improve the brand awareness of the companies they represent. They are accessible, loyal, and engaged, believing in sustainable relationships and long-lasting partnerships. For over 10 years, they have been contributing to the success stories of their clients.

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